Vision Therapy

Because Michael Smith is a Behavioural Optometrist, we can offer you something extra – Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy is devoted to developing, improving and enhancing people’s visual performance.

Visual skills include learning to use both eyes together effectively. Having both eyes move, align, and focus as a team enhances your ability to interpret and understand the potential visual information that is available to you.

We think you’ll find the following videos helpful as you consider how we can improve the visual performance of you and your children.

20/20 isn’t everything – a child’s vision is critical for learning

Why smart kids struggle with reading

Curing learning-related vision problems

TEDx Pioneer Valley – fixing my gaze

Overlooking our vision

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We recommend that you should have your eyes and vision assessed every three years, to check for changes in your eyesight, or visual function and to screen for eye disease. We fully assess all aspects of sight and vision. We offer traditional optometric care, assessing eye health and using spectacle lenses and contact lenses to enable you to see as clearly as possible. In addition, as a behavioural optometrist, we offer you the opportunity to ‘see more’ – to use your vision to it’s full potential for learning, work and play.

This may involve vision therapy, calculated use of lenses, or advice regarding visual hygiene. Our experienced optometrist is very experienced in the diagnosis and management of all eye and vision disorders including vision related learning problems and stabismus (turned eye) in children and adults. We have a particular interest in assessing and managing children’s vision.

An Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a scanning system that provides highly detailed images of the inside structure of the eye. It is similar to a MRI or ultra sound and allows us to view 3D images of the retina. From this scan we can detect eye health problems earlier, and in most cases before you even experience any noticeable symptoms.

A Digital Retinal Scan provides a 30° to 45° photograph of your retina, optic nerve and blood vessels. This attention to detail is important, as some eye conditions and other medical issues can be detected by comparing small changes over time.

Ortho-keratolgy is a therapy whereby wearing purpose designed contact lenses over-night, the front surface of the eye (the cornea) is moulded by tear pressure under the contact lens. This produces normal 6/6 sight during the day, freeing you from glasses or contact lenses. This therapy is suitable for most people who are short sighted (myopic). An added benefit of othro-keratology is that tendency to go more short sighted is greatly reduced or stopped once you begin this therapy. We particularly recommend ortho-keratology in the early stages of myopia.

Most vision skills are learned and can be developed or improved. Many vision problems cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses and may be treated with Vision Therapy. Vision Therapy arranges conditions so new visual abilities can be learnt and helps you to understand more information over a larger area and in less time.

As each person has different needs and different visual problems, programs are designed individually. We provide in-practice vision therapy, once per week, for 1 hour sessions, one-on-one, with qualified therapists. This is combined with home practice of procedures to which the patient has been exposed while in the practice. Motivated patients who are willing to practice will achieve significant improvement.

A pair of glasses isn’t just about having great sight, it’s about looking great too. We have access to the full range of the latest lens designs and materials that are thinner, lighter and clearer. Because of our independence we can provide the best lens for you, without the restrictions of a franchised practice. Our exciting frame range caters to every individual and includes quality, fashionable and designer styles. We have a great range of children’s frames too. Brands include Etnia, Prodesign, Masunaga, Calvin Klein, William Morris, Ted Baker, Seiko, Silhouette, Oroton, Nike, Pepe Jeans and Lacoste.

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