Journey to Success: Parent Resources

Welcome to Vision Training at Michael Smith optometry,
where success is within your grasp.

Your Vision Training (VT) Team

Led by our Behavioural Optometrist Michael Smith, your custom program is facilitated by our highly trained Vision Coaches. Our team will support and guide you to develop automatic, effortless use of your visual system.

What is VT?

Your program is designed to correct and improve specific dysfunctions within your vision system. This may include developing awareness and control of eye movement, the foundation for processing information to use vision more effectively.

Improved visual skills allow you to:

  • Use your vision to learn more effectively.
  • Process information with greater speed and understanding.
  • Move through space in a more coordinated and controlled manner.
  • Succeed at any visually demanding tasks at school, work, sports, or hobbies.

What does VT look like?

During your 50-minute session, you will participate in directed VT activities. Because the visual system integrates with all other senses, we use body movement, touch, and sound to support your program. We reserve time for questions, discussion of home program and success stories!

Onsite sessions occur in our VT rooms. Remote session available upon request.

Setting sights on your future success.

Developing your visual system takes mindful practice. You will learn to process visual information with greater speed and understanding, as we help you through the journey ahead.

Primary school students flourish earlier in the day when they are most alert. Scheduling after school hours compromise success as children are often too fatigued to benefit from VT sessions.

We can provide your child’s teacher with a letter upon request explaining they are under Michael Smith’s care for that hour during school time.

What is next?

We will provide you with a workbook. This allows us to coordinate home efforts and achievements.

Please bring this along to all appointments.

Role of Parent.

Supporting your child is easy, with brief activities designed for shared fun and practice, lasting 15 minutes per day. With practice activities becoming easier. We are here to support your needs – call with any questions. Special VT materials will be provided by Michael Smith Optometry.

Regular attendance builds success.

You will receive a text reminder weekly, please text to confirm your appointment. Regularly missed appointments (excluding illness) could result in you potentially losing your time allocation. School excursions and camps, we request a weeks’ notice. We understand illness creeps in overnight, so calling the day of your appointment is understandable.

Commonly asked questions.

How long does VT last? How long is a piece of string? Each individual is different and learns at a different pace. On average most programs run 6 – 8 months.

How much does VT cost?  $110 per session

How much does Private Health cover? This varies, depending on your fund and level of private health coverage. VT is not covered by Medicare, however, can potentially be funded through NDIS.

What is the follow up plan? Reviews conducted by Michael Smith each 8 weeks will measure progress and direct future care.

What about holidays? VT is closed during Victorian school and Public holidays, unless otherwise arranged.

See you soon.

We look forward to starting this journey with you. Please bring the VT patients prescribed glasses to the first appointment.

Your road to success begins today.

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