We are an experienced team of eye care professionals dedicated to providing thorough vision assessments, eye heath care, vision care and therapy. We strive to help each person use their vision to its fullest potential. To provide you with the best possible care, our staff are carefully chosen to provide for your visual needs. We are committed to ongoing education so we keep up with the latest research.


Seeing clearly and having good vision are not the same. You may have 6/6 sight, but have poor vision. Good vision helps you derive meaning from sight and directs your actions. Vision reaches into space beyond what you can touch. When it is working well you don’t have to taste, touch, smell, or hear to understand the world around you. Having good vision allows you to move efficiently.


Vision helps you remember what you see and predict the possible consequences of your actions (see into the future). Whilst many of us think in pictures, using vision all day, there are many who do not have this ability and tend to think in words. When we think visually we learn, work and play much more effortlessly and efficiently.

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