Comprehensive eye examination and more

A full comprehensive eye examination is recommended every 12-24 months to check for any changes in your eyesight, or visual function.

Our unique behavioural optometry examination expands your opportunity to see more, with recommendations to use your full visual potential. As part of your eye examination, our vision therapy program may be recommended.

What does an eye test involve?

  • A full eye examination
  • Full eye health check including; Macularglaucoma and cataract
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) which gives an ultra sound like image inside the retina.

What does a children’s eye test involve?

  • Full eye and health examination
  • Checking for visual problems which may interfere with learning
  • Assessment for any vision developmental delays.
  • Readiness for school
  • A retinal photograph of the eye.
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